Does your kitchen or home fill up with smoke every time you turn the Oven on?

Does your Oven resemble the picture to the right?

If you answered yes to either of these questions above then it’s time to call the Oven cleaning experts at BBQ Hero!

Having a dirty oven can not only be unpleasant to look at, over time, a build up of grease and oil may lead to your appliance emitting a large amount of smoke or worse, could even ignite causing a fire.

BBQ Hero guarantee’s a comprehensive, thorough oven cleaning service. Within 2 hours we will have your oven looking and operating as if it were new.

Unlike other oven cleaning services, BBQ Hero doesn’t use dip tanks or high alkali gels. This results in a safe, fume free kitchen.

Every BBQ Hero technician has had extensive oven cleaning training and takes great pride in what they do. So you can be assured of an amazing clean every time.

BBQ Hero Cleaning and Maintenance Australia
BBQ Hero Cleaning and Maintenance Australia